Celery Farm swan

Squirrel update



     The squirrel family is still living in another tree condo somewhere, and I think it's in the neighborhood.

   I saw Mrs. Squirrel in our back yard the other day, making off with a black walnut. At first glance, it looked like a lime.

   She disappeared into the jewelweed patch, then I saw the leaves shake on our nearby arbor.

  Soon after, Mrs. Squirrel popped up (uper right-hand corner, photo above) without the nut.

   Later, I went down to the arbor to investigate. I found the black walnut on top (in center of photo), wedged into some vines. Walnut

   Storing up fuel for the winter?

   Speaking of nuts (insert "crazy" joke here), the acorns have been falling so frequently on the path near the Warden's Watch the past couple of days that I thought it was raining.

   A local chipmunk was indeed going nuts, and I'm told that wood ducks consider acorns a delicacy as well.