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Squirrel update, August 20


Mrs. Squirrel and the four squirks appear to be doing well, although Mrs. S does looks weary sometimes from all the feeding.

   There is a bit of drama, though, because it is a wild world out theRactracs_3re. My totally unsubstantiated hunch is that the mom moved the babies away 16 days ago because of the presence of raccoons.

  I saw two small raccoons about 10 yards from the box, and also noted raccoon tracks by the brook behind our house. The next time I checked the video monitor, the squirrel family was gone.

   They returned a week later and have been ensconced in the box ever since, though a new predator has been hanging out near the box -- our friendly red-tail.Rt

  We have seen him three or four times in the past week, often near the squirrel box.

  I have noticed that when Mrs. S leaves the box, typically for long periods of time, she now covers the babies with a straw-like material (see below).