Squirks in the round (w/ video)
Doddering plant

Plant info

   Yesterday, I posted the three photos of Celery Farm plants and asked if anyone could identify them. The photos are at this link:


  Here are the answers...

   The first two plants have been coming in where the loosestrife once ruled.

1. Blue vervain. http://www.ct-botanical-society.org/galleries/verbenahast.html

Yes, it sure looks like loosestrife, especially in the photo.

2. Blue monkeyflower (Mimulus ringens) -- likely new to the Celery Farm.


3. Viburnum.  (Friend of this blog Pedro went a step farther and identified it as arrowroot viburnum. He's way ahead of me.)

    And here's who eats the third item (and probably the other two) at the Celery Farm.