Twine time -- squirrel update
Egret in flight

Oops, they did it again




   I have been swamped at work, and had not checked in on the squirrel family in well over a day.

    When I got home last night, I activated the video monitor and saw the above scene.

   At first I thought the babies might be well-hidden, but usually there's some thrashing after while.

   Nothing had changed this morning.

   Apparently Mrs. Squirrel likes to move the babies. She moved them 19 days ago, then brought them back a week later.

   This may be the last we see of the four babies in the nesting box -- or not. These squirrels are impossible to predict.

   What I found strange is that the mom must have gone back after moving the babies and covered the indentation where the four babies nestled -- as if she were covering their tracks.

    In a week, I'll put out that "room for rent" sign and advertisement again.