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Damselflies and a surprise guest



[Sorry for the late post today -- had an early assignment. --JW]


   I didn't set out to photograph damselflies the other day, but I was walking in the Celery Farm, camera in hand, and what should appear but this handsome damselfly, which posed long enough for me to take its picture.

    No sooner did I finish than the another, equally beautiful damselfly flew into view. Sure enough, it posed for a minute so that I could take its picture.Damselfly_1 (read on)


    I asked a dragonfly-expert friend to ID them, and she said that the first one is a male ebony jewelwing, and the second one is the female.

   (I didn't think it was a coincidence that I encountered the two so close together.)

    That was in the morning, and I soon went home and put my camera away.

   That afternoon, I walked into the living room, realized that I had left a window open (to photograph Mrs. Squirrel), and went downstairs.

   A few minutes later I returned and picked up a cardboard box I had left on the table by the window.

   I heard a loud buzzing sound.

   I jumped an inch or two, and figured a cicada or something had flown in.

   As it turned out, the "something" was an Eastern pondhawk dragonfly, and -- you guessed it -- it paused long enough for me to photograph it.

   It soon flew out the window, and I just shook my head at my incredible luck -- beginning with my incredible luck to live next door to the Celery Farm.Pond_hawk

   Patty and I always say we have the niftiest guests drop in to see us.