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A little red fox in Mahwah

Wild turkey in Allendale











I saw a wild turkey at the intersection of Brookside and Crescent avenues in Allendale last week, but I didn't have a camera.

   Yesterday, as luck would have it, I did. 

   The turkey is a bit shy, which is good, so I had a bit of a run-around trying to photograph it and making sure it stayed away from the road.

    I understand it hangs out around there a lot, and that it has been known to use the crosswalk, but it is not in a good place.

    It did remind me of the ocellated turkeys I saw in Central America in Belize and at Tikal in Guatemala.

   They were in very good places in a very bad region for turkeys.

    The turkeys in Central America are ocellated turkeys, and they can be seen only in protected areas because they have been so over-hunted.

    Here's a picture I took of one at La Milpa in Belize earlier this year. He liked to follow me everywhere I went in the vicinity of the dining hall. 

   The bottom picture is a close-up of his head. 

   I am told that female turkeys find it attractive.  He probably had a similar opinion of me.