Screech Owl sounds (new audio format)
Red-shouldered hawk injured in Allendale

May 1 Update

   Welcome to the merry maternal month of May.

  Here we are, 30 days after the beginning of incubation, and Momma is still sitting on four eggs.

   By most accounts, today should be the big day.

   So far the only changes in routine I have noticed was an owl calling the so-called "drum" or "bounce" repeatedly at 5:30 a.m. while I was still mostly asleep.

   When I checked the monitor at 6 a.m., Mrs. Ace was in there, whinnying regularly.  She has since died down.

   The robin is sitting on her eggs, and the male wood duck is back on the nesting box.

    Let's see what the day brings.

    I'll update again this morning.