Wild turkey in Allendale
Mrs. Wood Duck flies out

A little red fox in Mahwah



    Pedro, a follower of this post, kindly passed along this great photo of a little red fox in Mahwah.

   He also shared his photos of the black bears earlier this week. 

  Thanks, Pedro!!

  He writes:

  I guess you could say I've been blessed by nature this past few days.

   I went to search for fawns to photograph, which involves moving very slowly through the woods and instead I ended up with this.

   I came across a group of young red foxes playing around and it took me about 45 minutes until I got this shot.

    A lot of patient steps to get closer without them noticing.

    It's a young red fox with a fawn's leg in its mouth. It was taken in the mountains in Mahwah.

I figured I'd share as it's something most of us have never seen.