Apr. 28: Mrs. Ace update (w.video)
All about pipping

Wood duck and robin nests

Woodduck_2_2    Besides Mrs. Ace and her four of a kind, I can see at least two other nesting sites from the living room window.

  One nest is the robin's nest under the window.

   The egg count is up to two, and Mrs. R is sitting on the eggs right now.

   More conspicuous is the wood duck box, which I installed probably four years ago at this point.

   Until 12 days ago, I had never seen a wood duck anywhere in the vicinity of the box.

  Then the flood came, and I saw a male and female on the box.

   Yesterday, the male was back on the box for a while.

   This morning, I saw a male and female on the box again, with the female trying unsuccessfully to get inside.

   The two then flew off.

   I wish I knew what (if anything) is going on inside that box. Did anyone say "bird-cam"?

  Here's a photo of both boxes, located at 1 and 2 Nest Box Lane, Allendale, NJ 07401.

  Better to write to them c/o me, Jim Wright, the Record, 150 River Street, NJ 07601. All mail will be answered.