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Apr. 28: Mrs. Ace update (

Meanwhile, under the window

   The robin has finished her nest under our picture window.

   When my wife Patty and I open the shade in the morning, we typically see her for a minute or two before she flies off.

   Yesterday, Patty noticed an egg in the nest. The color of the egg is, sure enough, robin's egg blue.


This morning I saw the egg for myself. I grabbed a very quick picture of it -- and it is very hard to see, let alone photograph.

  As I have mentioned, photographing active nests and nesting birds for more than a fleeting second or two makes me uncomfortable. So what you see is what I got.

   I'd like to think that if you squint just a little, you can see the egg just fine.

   As of 11:30 Friday morning, the robin was sitting on her nest.