Robin eggs
Modo mojo

April 30 update:

   Mrs. Ace continues to sit on four eggs -- as we enter Day 29 (the egg was laid on Apr. 1).  4_eggs_429_pm_2

   My guess is that by sunset Tuesday we'll have a new arrival, with an emphasis on guess at this point.   

   Mrs. Ace stuck to her routine last evening, flying just after dusk for 20 minutes or so.

   While she was gone, I could see the four eggs, with no change. None seems chipped or cracked.

   This morning, she scratched around a little. Here's a video Download MVI_0179.avi , just to show she's still hangin' in there.

   A birder friend in Central Jersey with a screech cam and a female sitting on three eggs -- he's the chap who had a fourth egg go missing -- reports that  "everything is status quo.  The female is still incubating 3 eggs.

   "Both owls continue to sit together in the box during the day.  Estimated hatch date is about May 5."

   May 5? Man, I'm not sure I can wait that long. Every time I turn on the monitor, I hold my breath.

   P.S.: My friend in Central Jersey says  Mrs. Ace could have a hatchling "anytime, maybe as we e-mail."

   Not yet.