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April 27: Mrs. Ace update

   Life at 1 Nest Box Lane remains unchanged. Mrs. Ace continues to sit on four eggs.

   I did not see her leave the nest around dusk last night, but she must have left briefly at some point for a "bathroom break," but she was not gone long from all I can tell.

   She did hop up to the opening briefly to get some food from Mr. Ace, and I was able to glimpse the four eggs.

  I am told that little holes will appear in the eggs before any owlets emerge, but the chances of detecting a "chip" in any of the shells is slim. Mrs. Ace has the eggs covered  almost all of the time.

   I read that  owlets actually make sounds while still in the eggs, and I asked an owl researcher if I might be able to record the sounds.

   He said that short of taping tiny microphones to the eggs -- not a possibility -- the chances were likely slim and none.