Loon in Waldwick
Ridgewood appearance

April 25 owl update

    Mrs. Ace is doing fine and sitting on her four eggs this morning. Incubation began on April 1, so things could start happening in the next several days.

    Mrs. Ace left after dusk for a minute last night, and then quickly returned in time to be fed by Mr. Ace, who stuck his head in the box and gave Mrs. Ace what appeared to be a large moth.

   Mrs. Ace headed out again shortly after, for maybe 20 minutes.

   Most of the time, not much happens in the box, but I feel compelled to activate the monitor every 10 minutes or so in the evening to see if anything is going on. 

   Similarly, when I get up in the morning, I'm compelled to activate the monitor first thing just to make sure everything is all right.