Meanwhile, under the window
Wood duck and robin nests

Apr. 28: Mrs. Ace update (


     Old joke: How do you keep a moron in suspense?

   New punchline: Buy him a bird-cam and have a screech owl sit on eggs.

   We are now 28 days into the incubation of Mrs. Ace, and I don't think I can boil much more water.

   Mrs. Ace is still sitting on four eggs. She still goes out at dusk for her bathroom break and pellet cough. She's just a lot less talkative these evenings.

   Stiles Thomas, the marsh warden, says these things always take longer then you expect (incubations, not bathroom breaks). And he is almost always right about such matters.

   So I am going to go on vacation for a week and then see what happened while I was gone.

   Just kidding.

   The truth is, I am addicted to monitoring Mrs. Ace and to keeping track of all the amazing things about nature that are taking place in the Celery Farm and other nifty natural areas of North Jersey.

   I will post any big news as soon as I find out.

   In the meantime, here's a Mrs. Ace mini-movie  to tide you over.

   The sound you'll hear is rain on the roof of 1 Nest Box Lane.

    The flick is short, so don't blink or go out for popcorn.

   Here's the video: Download MVI_0171.avi