Simple pleasures
Mrs. Ace in the morning (w/audio)

Woodcocks gone wild! (w/audio)

  A nifty rite of spring occurred last night in the Greenway at the Celery Farm -- the courtship ritual of the American woodcock.

  The action started around 7:30, when the woodcocks, still hidden in the fields, began to call. Their calls sounded more like bugs getting zapped by electric bug-zappers, but apparently other woodcocks find it attractive. (For a fleeting soundbite of two calls -- eight seconds -- click on the Real Audio file below.)


   Soon after, the woodcocks started showing up on the path that leads into the Celery Farm  -- then started flying around and showing off for one another. Think of a singles bar without the drinks or music.

   We saw maybe 10 woodcocks total. The whole show took 20 minutes or so.

  My friend Kevin Watson got a great shot of one on the ground. Woodcock

A terrific gallery of his Celery Farm photos, including this woodcock shot, can be found at