Mrs. Ace settles in
Courting season at the Celery Farm

Mrs. Ace hangs out

Mrs_ace_on_alime   Last night, at twilight's end, Mrs. Ace flew.

  On recent evenings, she (and at this point I do think Ace is likely a female) has headed off in all directions.

  Sometimes she stays near the box. Sometimes she flies up, or down, or left, or right.

  This time she flew down near the stream and just hung out for a while. I took this image from inside the house.

  During the evening, I checked the inside of the box on the screech cam. Though I could have missed the return of the owl, I don't think so.

  No meals devoured inside the box, no the chilling inside the box during the evening -- not even on a damp and dreary Friday night.