Bald Eagle at Crestwood

Just happened to look up ... it 3as still there went I left at 3:20.
To see a livestream of nesting Bald Eagles at Duke Farms, click here:
To read the free interactive Bald Eagle eBook I wrote for Duke Farms, click here:
To learn more about Bald Eagles, go to Lee Memorial Library. They have a ton of books on nature.

Stepping Up For the Celery Farm!

IMG_3493 (1)
Deputy Marsh Warden Gabriele Schmitt writes:

Maybe you've been wondering ..... just when is Stepping Up for The Celery Farm happening this year?
Well, wonder no more. The dates are set: April 29 - 30; raindates: May 6 - 7. 
I'm always pleased to coordinate this event, the annual fundraiser for our favorite 107-acre wetland and nature preserve. It's a terrific opportunity for people of all ages and birding levels, to walk the paths, to see, identify and count the many beautiful birds that visit during Spring Migration.
By taking part, you also raise funds to help ensure the future of this beautiful natural space. Loss of habitat continues to be a critical factor in species decline. Our 107 acres provide a place to rest, to nest, and to raise the next generation of birds and other wildlife.

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Monday Mystery 03132023 Answered

IMG_3973On Monday I wrote:

A friend outside Philly sent me this photo and asked what I thought it was.

I gave my answer, and the Merlin app agreed. But almost every raptor ID I'm asked about turns out to be Plan B.

What do you think it is?

I figured it was Red-shoulder. Diane Louie ID'd it as a Red-shoulder as well. (Thanks, Diane.)

I guess the Red-shoulders are moving into the suburbs there as well.