A Huge Shout-out to Bruce Davis!

If you love the Celery Farm, you have to love Bruce Davis.

He is the guy who has increasingly taken over mowing and grooming the trails this past summer, time and time again, using a battery-powered push mower and battery-powered hedge trimmers.

Below is his handiwork earlier this week on the Green Way path.

Thanks, Bruce, and to everyone else who helps keep our nature preserve beautiful in these challenging times!

IMG_0448 (1)


Scenes from the State Line Hawkwatch

I volunteered to help count at the State Line Hawkwatch in Alpine on Tuesday morning. Thanks to a great bunch of hawk-eyed raptor watches, I think I recorded most of the migrating raptors that passed by.

As luck would have it, the big Broad-wing push came the afternoon before. We did have a nice variety of raptors, which I was too busy finding and counting to photograph.

I did take a few shots later --  of the lookout (above) and local Common Raven, Bald Eagle and Woodchuck (below).

The cafe is open for outdoor orders, and the Porto-Sans are there if you really, really have to go.

To check the counts at State Line, click here.