Monday Mystery Sort of Continues

IMG_1641Last Monday I asked what kind of horseshoe is pictured here. The answer: a bar shoe. (I had no idea.)

From the same friend, another item he found in his yard near the Bajor Farm.

What is it (beyond a huge ring), and what was it used for?

I received a few answers, including several great guesses, but I think I did not provide enough info... The mystery maker, Bill Conroy, adds:

The Ring has 6 nubs...didn't find any's about 10 lbs...severely oxidized..found it in under a foot of dirt about 75 ft from the house...which is an 1856 Quackenbush-built farmhouse alongside the Bajor property....Thanks for the sleuthing. any idea where the Outhouses were situated back in the day?

Thanks, everyone, for your help!



If You Missed the Zoom Talk ...

Bertha Bajor behind the harrow
Some old photos of the Bajor Farm are here.

More photos, with YouTube video of Patricia L. Cooper's poem about the Celery Farm, "Layers of Memories," is here.

Aerials of Allendale between 1931 and 2017 are here.

Leslie Young's vintage photos of the Celery Farm Nature Preserve back in the 1980s are here.

I am hoping to post a recording of the webinar soon.


Best Bonus Mystery Ever?!!!

My friend Tom borrowed my infra-red trail cam in hopes of finding out what has been raiding his compost barrel.

Tom writes:

The camera trap is set.

I baited it with the usual kitchen veggie scraps.

Whatever it is, it has a large appetite,  or it’s a gang, or it's taking the grub to a subterranean lair.  

The compost barrel shows no sign of entry and no holes on the exterior base. Whatever it is it has tunneled its way in from its secret headquarters.

What do you think the mystery critter is? We hope the cam will reveal the culprit!