Fyke's Next Free Zoom Talk


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Those who attended Ed Kanze's program at the Fyke Nature Association's October 2019 meeting thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.
We're pleased that this noted naturalist, author, and lecturer will again be presenting to Fyke on Friday, January 28, at 8 pm.
This time he'll be doing so on Zoom from his Adirondack home in Bloomingdale, N.Y. Be sure to join and virtually meet the local frogs and salamanders.
We ask that you register in advance by clicking the link below, you will receive an email with your own link to join the meeting:
As always, Fyke programs are free and open to all.

Red-shouldered Hawk Pays a Visit

One of Allendale's famed Red-shouldered Hawks stopped by to thank all the folks who helped save one of its young last spring.

At least I think that's why it stopped by.

Nice enough to show both sides of its face. I like the one where you can see the eye better.

You can read more about the Red-shouldered Hawks of Allendale here:


You can read more about last summer's rescue here: