Celery Farm Mink!


Judy Collier writes:

At The Celery Farm this morning, I had the rare privilege of watching a mink for twenty minutes, catching and eating fish, and just acting like a mink. A dream of my for a very long time. I was thrilled.
I only had my little Canon Power Shot with me, but wanted to share a few of the photos with you.
Thanks, Judy!



Take the High Mountain Challenge

High Mountain aerial
I am a big fan of the 1,260-acre High Mountain Park Preserve in Wayne and North Haledon and Wayne, ever since The Nature Conservancy sponsored a hike there nearly 10 years ago.

Now, to promote this great chunk of open space, TNC is partnering with NJ native and ultra-marathoner  Jessica Bagley to increase awareness of and visitation to High Mountain.

TNC is challenging visitors to hike/run to the summit and share a selfie using #highmountainchallenge on social media.

More on the challenge here and here.

Signs of Spring at the Celery Farm

A week-long trip to Jamaica really underscored the changes occurring at the Celery Farm.

Skunk Cabbages are popping up everywhere (above).

The ice on Lake Appert is gone.

Wood Ducks are back and doing some house-hunting. 

Tree Swallows were back.

And lots of turtles are out sunning themselves, getting ready for the official arrival of spring on Wednesday afternoon.

Tree Down @the CF, Fred to the Rescue

During a recent storm, a huge tree fell across the Allendale Brook at the Celery Farm, narrowly missing the Brotherton Bridge but blocking the two trails to the north. (Click photos above to enlarge.)

When I checked out the damage on Monday, Fred Weber was already there with his chainsaw, rerouting the trail to go around the downed Red Maple.

Maybe it's just me, but I think Fred looks a bit like a super-hero in the photo below.

(Thanks, Fred!)


Noel Coward's Firefly

One of the many highlights of our trip to the north coast of Jamaica was a visit to playwright Noel Coward's hilltop aerie, Firefly.

The site includes his one-bedroom house, left the way it was when he died over 40 years ago, as well as pirate Henry Morgan's house, a statue of Coward (in pic on left below), his grave, and some incredible views of Jamaica's north coast.

Also on exhibit: the table settings for the Queen Mother's visit to Firefly in the 1950s (below, right). Oh, those royals!

Red-shoulders in Love

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 12.31.26 PM

I have been hearing reports of amorous Red-shoulders by the Celery Farm of late.

Christine Alber passed along these photos, taken at  "the bigger tree at the northern edge of the lake." (Thanks, Christine!)

She points out that neither hawk is banded, so the female is not Laura.

If you see a Red-shoulder with nesting materials, please make note of which direction it heads in and let me know. We were unable to locate the nest last year ...

To download a free eBook about the Red-shoulders of Allendale, go here.
Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 12.31.49 PM