Look for Red-shoulders!

Our local Red-shoulders should be building a nest soon. I see one almost daily -- including one by the Warden's Watch yesterday -- but it was hard to see if it had any sticks in its mouth.

Your assignment: Let me know if you see any local Red-shoulders flying with nesting materials, where you saw them, and in what direction they were headed.

If you see a leg band, you will receive multiple bonus points.

Last spring, we never did find a nest, so we wonder if/hope that there is a new female nesting this year.

A leg-band sighting would likely mean that Laura the Red-shoulder is still around, which would be nice to hear.

(Above is one of my favorite videos, of Stiles Thomas releasing an rehabilitated Red-shoulder in May of 2008.)

Snowy High Mountain

Tried hiking a couple of trails at High Mountain yesterday but it was slow going.

I noticed a cross-country skier had preceded me -- until his/her way was blocked by a downed tree. Probably a lot of trail work to be done all over the region...

The Franklin Clove (above) was especially beautiful in the snow - easy to see why the Lenape wintered there.

Photos Needed for 2019 Calendar

Carol Flanagan writes:

Photos taken at the Celery Farm by Fyke members are being accepted now for the 2019 Celery Farm calendar.

There is a limit of 10 photos per person. The photos should be landscape format.  Non-cropped photos work best with the software used for the calendar.

Please send your photos as an e-mail attachment to carolflana AT aol DOT com by July 15.
The calendars help raise awareness of the Celery Farm and celebrate its natural beauty.
Thank you in advance for your support of Fyke Nature Association!


A Snowy Walk around the Celery Farm

I thought I'd post a bunch of photos from my walk around the Celery Farm this morning.

The trails were a little soupy but the scenery was magical. Light snow clung to the branches, and a smattering of birds made an appearance.

Highlights included a young Bald Eagle, displaying Wild Turkeys, perched Black Vultures, mink tracks by the Warden's Watch, and a Wood Drake.