Allendale Bear Pix

As promised, here are the trail cam pix of a Black Bear that came back to a feeder to get the last dregs of suet in Allendale last night.

The night before, the bear had knocked down two feeders. No more leaving feeders out at night for me!

For more information on why leaving your feeders up at night is a horrible idea if bears have been seen recently in your area, click here.


Bear(s) in Allendale?

Taking down our feeders until weather gets colder after reports of bears damaging feeders in Allendale, both fairly close to the Celery Farm.

The feeder pole above was not bent because it had been replaced with a thicker pole, so the bear just ripped the feeders off the pole.

Sometimes you beat the bear, and sometimes the bear beats you.



Help Us Clean Out Wood Duck Boxes

Almost every year, Marsh Warden Mike Limatola and I wait for Lake Appert to freeze solid, and then we head out on the ice and clean out the many Wood Duck nesting boxes in preparation for the following spring.

It's cold but fun, and there are often surprises along the way, including unhatched Wood Duck eggs, various feathers, and occasionally a sleeping bird or two.

This winter we thought we'd invite folks and families to join us in the fun.

The trick, of course, is that we can't really schedule the event because we don't know when the lake will be frozen.

So we plan to do the work on the first Saturday that Lake Appert is frozen solid (think ice-skating). If you would like to receive an email so you can join us for this free event, please email me at We'll try to give you 24 hours notice.

We'll share some hot chocolate and doughnuts afterward on the Warden's Watch or nearby.