Hawk Migration -- Local Lookout Wind Info

JW Broadwinged hawk at stateline lookout
Tom Nicastri writes:

With migration in full swing, it is handy to know which way the wind is blowing.

This site provides detailed wind information and predictions.

Predictions are up to eight days in advance.

I have tried to find wind speed and direction for the areas of the three major local lookouts.

Wind speed and direction for Stateline Lookout area (Lamont-Doherty) is here.

Wind speed and direction for Montclair Lookout area is here.

Wind speed and direction for Mount Peter area is here.




My Fyke Talk: Friday, Sept. 28

_MG_8610 (1)
I am kicking off Fyke's 2018-19 lineup of speakers on Friday, Sept. 28, with a talk and slide show about my Bird Watcher column, now in its 10th year for The Record.

I'll talk about some of my most recent columns and a few all-time favorites, and some of the rare birds and odd ducks along the way.

Do you have a question for the Bird Watcher (preferably humorous)? Email me at celeryfarm@gmail.com.

As a bonus, Celery Farm Marsh Warden emeritus Stiles Thomas will unveil his two most recent carvings. You won't believe either of them!  Stiles says that only a fool would miss this.

The talk, at Allendale Borough Hall,  is free and open to the public, and follows a short business meeting that begins at 8 p.m.

With a little luck, free refreshments will be served afterward.


Big 'Hour on Tower' Anniversary

Tomorrow, Sept. 9, is the 28th anniversary of the  record-setting Hour on the Tower, a record matched 15 years ago in October. I wrote about the notorious tie score in my journal at the time in 2003 ....

Here's a recap (some things have changed):

Sunday, Oct. 5, 2003

By Seymour Drakes 

It’s called the Hour on the Tower, and here’s how it works. Img161Every Sunday morning from 8 to 9, July through October, an informal group of birders meets at the Celery Farm Natural Area in Allendale to see how many species of birds they can see in exactly one hour.

For experienced birders, the Hour is a great way to get fresh air, flex one’s eyeballs, see some nifty birds, and avoid chores. For neophytes, it’s a great way to learn bird identification, hear bad jokes, and ... avoid chores.

Some Hours are better than others, and the one on Oct. 5 had the makings of a classic. The day before, birder savant and ring leader Stiles Thomas surveyed the abundant waterfowl on Lake Appert and proclaimed that this Sunday offered a shot at besting the record for most species seen during one Hour.

The record was not exactly chopped (Canada goose) liver. It had stood for more than 13 years, ever since the all-star team of Charles Mayhood, Mr. Thomas, and Gordon Schultze -– “in our prime,” Mr. Thomas quickly noted –- saw or heard 42 species between droll jokes one magical September Sunday.

For an idea of how awesome this is, consider that a crack team of birders recently perched on the Pirie Platform for 12 hours for the Big Sit and saw a total of 56 species – or just 14 more species in 12 times as much time.

(Editor’s note: This is why the event is the Big Sit and not the Big Watch.)

Yet few could have guessed how this Hour would turn out.

Here’s how it went down.

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