High Mountain

My Next High Mt. Talk is Wednesday in Clinton

I will be talking about High Mountain Park Preserve, one of my favorite places, on Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Clinton.

High Mountain is 1,260 acres of rugged open space located in Wayne and North Haledon in Passaic County.  The illustrated talk, sponsored by the Sierra Club, will feature nature photography, archival images and aerials. I will also discuss the Wild Turduckens that live near the summit.

The talk -- free and open to the public -- is at the North Hunterdon Public Library, 65 Halstead St., Clinton. A Google Maps link is here.

JW TNC High Mountain 1-IMG_1681-001

Monday Mystery Solved: You Won't Believe It!

IMG_1816For my most recent  Monday Morning Mystery, I talked of  hiking along High Mountain's Yellow Trail and discovering a dozen of these huge empty plastic containers hanging around and lying around. 

I asked: Anybody know what they are doing up there?

Today, when I went to remove them, a few mountain bikers I met said the plastic containers have been there 25 years and were thought to be tubs used to grow marijuana plants way back when.

That's right: pot pots! 

(And if they were owned by a certain Cambodian despot they'd be ... Pol Pot pot pots. But I digress.)

The mountain-bikers added that the little path by that area is called the Ganja Farmer's Trail.

When I said I planned to remove the pots, the  mountain bikers said that the tubs were considered part of High Mountain lore and something of  an open-air art installation, and asked that I leave them be.

What do you think?

(Footnote: When I started researching High Mountain last year, I heard these rumors of pot-growing on the mountain. So when I gave talks about the preserve I asked if anyone grew pot on High Mountain. My favorite response was from a gentleman who said he didn't grow any but he sure smoked some there. To which someone added: That's why they call it "High Mountain.")

I think this might have been my strangest post ever.