High Mountain

A Hike to the Summit of High Mountain

Earlier this week, I did a quick trek to the summit of High Mountain from Reservoir Drive via the Red Trail and Yellow Trail.

(If you hustle,  you can make the steep hike to the summit in half an hour.)

The leaves were just starting to change, and hickory nuts and acorns were everywhere -- a paradise for squirrels and chipmunks.

Just bring plenty of water because it is a workout, wear hiking boots because it's rocky, and bring a cellphone in case you get lost.


Cool National Article on High Mt. Bats

The Nature Conservancy's Cool Green Science Blog has a great new article about the rare bats in the High Mountain Park Preserve and the efforts by William Paterson University Professor Lance Risley and his students to find out more about them and the other  species of bats found there.

I was on hand for some the research -- it was pretty nifty.

The article by Lisa Feldkamp is a great read, and I love the headline, too:

Threatened Bats Find a
Slice of Paradise in New Jersey

High Mountain, slice of paradise. What's not to love?

The link is here.

Luna Moth Caterpillar at High Mountain (?)

Saw this caterpillar on the High Mountain entrance sign at William Paterson University.

When I got home, I Googled the caterpillar for an I.D. I think it was a Luna Moth caterpillar.

The color should have been a clue, but I have seen some bright green hornworm caterpillars in recent years. Never having seen a Luna Moth caterpillar before, I took a photo with my iPhone and let it be.

Should I have moved it off the post, made of composite materials, or left it be? It is a Luna Moth caterpillar, isn't it?

The Nature Conservancy installed the sign last year; caterpillar arrived this month.

More on High Mountain here.