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October 2018

My Column: All about Snipe -- and Snipers

IMG_5289My latest column is all about Wilson's Snipe, featuring an interview with ace birder/author Rick Wright (no relation) of Bloomfield.

Rick leads tours for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours --  including birds and art tours in Guatemala, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Denmark, and Austria next year.

I took this photo a year ago on Oct. 18 at Crestwood Lake, a great spot to spot snipe.

The column explains why snipe are such a cool bird, and how snipers got their name.

The link is here.

A Trip to Losen Slote

Made a stop at Losen Slote Natural Area in Little Ferry last week, one of my favorite spots in the Meadowlands and currently one of the wettest and wildest. 

Amazingly, it still has a fairly healthy under story  (but then I saw only one deer while I was there).



Chatty Fish Crow in Action

IMG_3990  10-12-18 WM(1)
Gotta love Fish Crows, because North Jersey sure has a ton of them these days.

Bob Leafe, a friend of this blog who provied the photo for my recent column on Fish Crows, writes:

Last Friday afternoon, I started hearing a very close-by fish crow doing calls and responses with a distant bird.
It turns out that this bird was on my bedroom A/C - Hammy's old perch.

I didn't dare stick my head out of the other bedroom window because I knew he'd book. There was no good light on him and I was guessing where he was, getting only side views.

When I had enough, I went through the pix and noticed that - in some off the pictures - the bird apparently noticed my camera and part of my arm sticking out the window and directed his comments towards them. The responses continued.

I really wish this happened in the morning when the sun would have been on him.............what a cool shot that would have been! That mouth!

I did what I could without completely washing it out, but when I think of what it could have been . . .
As a Fish Crow might say, "Uh-huh!"