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Snapping Turtle Maternity Ward

If it's Memorial Day weekend, that must mean that Sanpping Turtles from Lake Appert are heading to the Wright-Finn yard to lay their eggs.

The first mom arrived yesterday.

Sometimes they cross the Franklin Turnpike to lay their eggs, so look out if you're headed that way.


Horseshoe Crab Turn-turtled

On a walk along Cape May Beach on Tuesday, I came across this turn-turtle Horseshoe Crab.

That guy has one complicated underside!

It was high and dry, about 10 yards above the tide line, so I carried it back to water and it was quickly on his way.

I had learned the day before that upside down Horseshoe Crabs can last no more than one tide cycle out of the water.

And these guys are crucial to the survival of our critically endangered Red Knots. Article here.

Sorry, but I did not have any quarters on me to show scale. It was heavier than I expected when I carried it to the water, and still kicking.