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Audubon's Grave in Upper Manhattan

Audubon grave JW
One of the unsung attractions of Upper Manhattan is John James Audubon's grave in the Trinity Cemetery.

It's right inside the entrance east of Broadway on W. 155th Street.

The other half of the cemetery is west of Broadway, and not nearly as interesting.

Audubon's grave features a huge monument with all kinds of interesting bas relief carvings.

One of the Audubon Mural Project murals features J.J. himself, contemplating a Cerulean Warbler, below.

Audubon mural JWDSCN0553



My Column: Audubon Mural Project

Avi Gltler and mural 1  JWDSCN0559My latest column for The Record  is about the Audubon Mural Project in Upper Manhattan.

Avi Gitler (above), who spent part of his childhood in Teaneck, is one of the main shakers and movers behind this ambitious project.

You can read the column online here.

The Better Living section gave it great display.



Along the Wissahickon

DSCN0674When I visit Chestnut Hill (part of Philly), I like to visit Wissahickon Valley Park.

DSCN0684An invigorating hike along a beautiful large creek.

Rock shelters, mica-gneiss schist, waterfalls and overflowing dams -- plenty to explore.

I think I am only scratching the surface so far -- this website has all kinds of cool stuff I have yet to see.

Herewith, some pix.