Monday Mystery Correction
Monday Morning Mystery 100917

Snipe at the Celery Farm

As part of the annual Big Sit at the Celery Farm yesterday, Kevin Watson's team saw a Wilson's Snipe yesterday morning.

Marsh warden Mike Limatola and I volunteered for the 2-4 p.m. shift. We saw the snipe directly across from the Pirie-Mayhood Tower. It was visible through a spotting scope for at least 45 minutes, though very hard to see. The snipe is somewhere on the left behind the Canada Geese in the middle of the above photo.

Meaty McMeat Goose was there but did not show up on eBird. Total bumme, but Meaty took it well.

Other highlights included a Red-shoulder arguing with an Osprey at 3:59 p.m.  Kurt Muenz got us a Spotted Sandpiper while he was there. (Thanks, Kurt!)