Snipe at the Celery Farm
A Taste of Celery Farm Foliage

Monday Morning Mystery 100917

This is the strangest Monday Morning Mystery ever, because it involves a poem -- one that seemed to appear out of nowhere in the Fell House Barn just before the recent Barn Sale.  

The poem is called "Day of the Turtle," by "the Marsh Poet," and we don't know if it is a well-known poem, or a well-known poet, but we couldn't find it online.

It could have been written about the Celery Farm

I think it's terrific poem and I wish I could credit its author.  Can anyone help?


Day of the Turtle

Two simple words—snapping turtle—
yet when I see it digging backwards
into the dark humid earth, the massive
armored shell just above the ground,
the leathery head lifted into the air,
I know this is no ordinary beast,
but something ancient, hugely fertile:
a mother full of mysterious eggs.

I wonder: What is time,
that fragile rhythm, that heartbeat
in the center of stones?
What happens to the days as leaf
by leaf they fill the calendar?
And how does the past tense mesh
with the active verbs of the present?

The wild rose opens its petals
to the wind, the marsh reed
sings a papery hymn
and the vast network of roots
pumps green life into the trees.

Soon the turtle will return to the mud,
leaving her children unattended
to begin their long journey home.
Soon I will return to the earth,
leaving behind these ragged shells.
                             -- The Marsh Poet