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The Lethal Perils that Fish Line Poses to Birds

Launch Area SignPassing along  this caveat about abandoned fishing line yesterday, via an e-mail from Don Torino of Bergen County Audubon.

Don's e-mail included the photo above, as well as a photo best not shared -- of a dead Great Horned Owl that had gotten entangled in stranded fishing line on Overpeck Creek in Overpeck County Park and basically hanged itself as it tried to get free. Chillingly gruesome.

A few things need to be done:

1. County park officials must strictly enforce the rules against fishing in restricted areas at Overpeck.

2, If any of us sees fishing line on the ground or hanging from a tree and we can remove it, we should -- and cut it into shorter strands before disposing of it.  The line can pose a threat to wildlife, pets and people --  not only from the line itself but stray hooks as well.

3. Folks who fish need to be better stewards of the places they fish. Abandoned  line is not only littering, but it can prove lethal for wild birds, even owls as fierce and majestic as Great Horned Owls.

A thank you to Mark Fisher for alerting the BCAS and supplying the photos, and a thank you to Chris Takacs for removing the dead owl, which was hanging roughly 10 feet above the water,