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NYC Raptor Fest This Weekend -- w/Pic of Alice

The NYC Urban Park Rangers are sponsoring a Raptor Fest from noon to 3 p.m. in Van Cortland Park in the Bronx this weekend, and one of the displays will feature a photo of Alice the Bald Eagle by Alice Leurck. How neat is that?

(Alice the eagle was raised in the Bronx in 2004 and nested for many years in Ridgefield Park. Alice Leurck took the first photos of the eagle and the transmitter on her back, which ultimately led to the realization that she was one of the eagles raised and released in Inwood Park.)

The event, free to the public, will include live demonstrations, a raptor viewing area, and education/activity tables.

Activities are provided by the Urban Park Rangers, live flying demonstrations by Talons!, and static animal displays by Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation.

More about the festival here.