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News Story Featuring John Fell

 Coldenham Preservation and Historical Society

The Poughkeepsie Journal has a story about the 250th anniversary of the historic Colden House in Montgomery, N.Y., and mentions John Fell and his son and daughter and explains why the Coldens remained loyal to the king of England. 

John Fell's house on Franklin Turnpike in Allendale is a historic site; he once owned the marsh that is now the Celery Farm Natural Area -- a.k.a. Wolf Swamp and Fell's Meadows back then.

Cadwallader Colden Sr. was a member of the governor’s council, then lieutenant governor of the Province of New York, and  acted as governor several times during the 1760s and 1770s.

The link is here.

My Book Talk in Brooklyn

Had a great time reading the Celery Farm children's books at the Powerhouse on 8th bookstore in Park Slope yesterday.  A nice turnout for a lazy August Sunday morning.

The talk showcased "Duck Enough to Fly," "Icky the Hungry Heron" and "Swan Babies" and featured special guest Jerry Barrack (below), co-author and nature photographer extraordinaire. (Thanks, Jerry!)

I was a little intimidated by the realization that the previous Sunday's speaker was Rowboat Watkins and "Pete With No Pants." I'm just guessing, but anyone named Rowboat must be a tough act to follow.

A big thanks to Powerhouse on 8th's Georgia Schoonmaker for organizing yesterday's event!


World's Largest Mushroom?

Stiles Thomas claims he has the world's largest mushroom growing in his yard, and who are we to argue?

Note: Last month Stiles claimed to have the world's largest strawberry, then claimed that critters ate it before I could photograph it. (This is a distant cousin of the "dog ate my homework" ruse.

Stiles later admitted that he had purchased the alleged large strawberry at a grocery.

I believe the mushrooms are genuine. I have placed a quarter in one of the photos for scale.

Does anyone know what kind of mushrooms they are?