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Saturday Celery Farm Events

Tomorrow we have phragmites cutting and trail maintenance from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. and a free butterfly walk from 10:30 a.m. until noonish.  The cutting and trimming crew met at the Pirie-Mayhood Tower. The butterfly walk meets at Green Way. (See more below)


Thought we'd start earlier, at 8:30, to beat the heat. Much of the invasive phragmites blocking the view from the Pirie-Mayhood Tower has been removed this week thanks to some terrific volunteers, but there's still plenty to cut. Fyke now has a cordless long-blade hedge trimmer that cuts through the phrags well. If you have a cordless hedge trimmer we can borrow, let us know. We'll try to cut around the native plants with shears and clippers to save as many as possible.

Bring a cutting tool, rubber boots (you will get your feet wet cutting the phrags; I have one extra pair of men's large if anybody needs them) long pants, long-sleeve shirt, work gloves, and bug spray.

If you lack rubber boots, we also need a few folks to trim the weeds from along the trail that circles Lake Appert. Bring trimmers or a manual weed whacker.

We meet at Green Way entrance at 10:30 for an easy walk to the best places to see butterflies, dragonflies and other cool little critters. Bring water and bug spray.  Have seen a Monarch, Eastern Tiger Swallowtails, Summer Azures, skippers, and Red Admirals so far this week. More butterflies seem to be appearing daily, so fingers crossed.

Please email me if you are participating in the phrag-cutting, the trail trimming or the Butterfly Walk.