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My New Column: Downys at 'Wrong' Feeder

My latest column for The Record is about the increase in Downy Woodpeckers being seen at hummingbird feeders in North Jersey -- with a lot of help from readers and Fyke e-mail list folks.

I submitted three images to The Record. They are posted here in alphabetical order. (Thank you, Loren, Tom and Mary, and others who answered my request for photos and info.)

The link is here.

Anderson Downy BW 071317 BW-001Photo credit:  Loren Anderson

A downy sips at a feeder in Oakland.

Mitchell Downy at feeder BW 071317. (1)-001Photo credit: Tom Mitchell

This downy has been dining at a Midland Park feeder this summer.


Schwartz Downy at Feeder  BW 071417-001Photo credit: Mary Schwartz

A downy sips at a feeder in Brewster, N.Y.