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TNC Tuesday: The Kay Center

Fascinating Mother's Day Walk in Ridgefield

Yesterday I was lucky to join Bergen County Audubon's Mother's Day Nature Walk in Ridgefield, now in its ninth year.

Led by Don Torino and hometown anchors Bruce and Karen Riede, IMG_3082the walk was once again a treat.

Although tree-removal work made some trails at the Ridgefield Nature Center off-limits we still managed to see some good birds (and May Apples) there.

We then waked over to the Community Garden, where we saw nesting Baltimore Orioles, Cedar Waxwings and other great species.

I also joined the group  to watch the nesting Monk Parakeets put on a show and make a racket.

A great morning.

(In the photos below, the hanging oriole nest is hidden in the foliage. The oriole is trying to sneak away undetected, as they are wont to do.