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A Report from Rob Fanning

1-IMG_2222Rob Fanning writes:
I see that the CF does not need me to continue producing amazing and early birds. Excited to see that another Yellow-throated Warbler has put on a show for many.
As with the bird three years ago, this appears to be the white-lored race, formerly known as the Sycamore Warbler. Congrats to Fred for this outstanding find.
And I see that an early N. Waterthrush was seen yesterday--this is a new arrival date for the CF by one day--and it's the first one I've heard about in NJ this year.
In Morris co--I re-found a Trumpeter swan Wednesday on Lake Parsippany that continued yesterday along w/ a good variety of ducks incl. many Ruddy Ducks.  Yesterday I observed a female-type PURPLE FINCH singing away, and today a friend and I were treated to a BARRED OWL at the Great Swamp.
The early migrants such as Gnatcatcher, kinglets, Palms, rumps, and swallows continue. The Barn Swallows which nest at my work came back early--always a treat to see.
The Great Swamp also produced Thrasher, Blue-winged Teal, and Snipe this week.