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We Need More "No Mow" Zones

Ho_ho_kus_brook_water_quality_and_habitat_enhancement_project321x640Don Torino, president of the Bergen County Audubon Society, has a nifty column on on the need for "no-mow" zones.

Here's a sample:

Often when we think of our local community park we imagine baseball fields, playgrounds and large open expanses of green grass. But now many local parks are sporting a different kind of look.

The new park appearance has more native grasses, wildflowers and butterflies, this new style is called “No-Mow Zones,” areas designated within a park that are kept natural creating much needed biodiversity in what would otherwise be a wildlife wasteland.

No-Mow zones or places that are allowed to grow naturally can benefit many kinds of wildlife, birds such like the American Kestrel, a species of “Special Concern” depends on the No-Mow habitat that has been created to nest and find food.

Many other bird species benefit from these natural areas also, some that are in serious decline such as the Bobolink, Savannah Sparrow and Eastern Meadowlark.

Great concept!

Link is here.