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My Latest Column: Poetry (Gasp!)

Bald Eagle 14-001
Wheeling in the sky
a black dot
becomes an eagle.

My latest column for The Record talks about two things that seem to go hand in hand -- birds and poetry.  I write about a reader from Teaneck, Amy Losak, who shared with me several Haiku written by her late mother, Sydell Rosenberg (including the poem above), and I ask other readers to share their short bird-related poetry in the column.  (I thank Ron Shields for the photo above.)

Here's a sample of the column:

"Ever since I became a birder, I have become more and more aware of how many great poets have been inspired by birds.

"Every poet needs a muse, after all. And poetry, like hope, can be a thing with feathers.

" ...I got to thinking: Wouldn’t it be neat to ... ask readers who have written bird poems to send them in as well?

"Having read -- and written -- some doggerel over the years, I promise to err on the side of caution in what if any of the submissions are offered in this column. But I do invite readers to share their short poems with me: Nothing ventured, nothing rhymed, or something like that. "

The column is here.