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Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Rescued

2012-11-19 15.42.43
Liz Powers owns the Bark N Purr pet grooming shop on Cedar Lane in Teaneck, and one of her customers brought in a dazed woodpecker on Monday.

A friend suggested she call me (any port in a storm), and I suggested she call The Raptor Trust.

Long story short: The bird had only minor injuries, and Liz says that after the bird came to its senses later that day, it "had a bunch of crickets and wax worms...

"I spoke to someone at The Raptor Trust, and they said if he is eating and flying, he should be able to go... He is very cute!!"

Liz released him yesterday morning, and all is well.  (Great job, Liz!)

A link to The Raptor Trust's webpage on dealing with injured birds is here.

The one question not addressed there is what to do if you see an injured bird. It has always been my thinking that if the bird is small, it's best to get it off the ground so a predator can't get to it. Any other thoughts?

P.S. (If the bird is a raptor or otherwise large, learn all you can about taking the proper precautions before you go near it.)