Don Torino's Latest Column: After Sandy
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Don Torino Op-Ed on Hurricane Sandy

Don Torino, a Moonachie resident and a friend of this blog, has quite an Op-Ed on his harrowing experience Hurricane Sandy in The Record today.

At one point in the article, Don writes:

"We like to believe we are always in control of everything. Modern technology, the latest Doppler radar weather reports and the newest satellite expertise will be able to protect us from the wraths of nature.

"Somehow we have come to accept that mankind is not part of the natural world any longer. We are above it all. We got past all that nonsense when we began to shop at grocery stores, drive fast cars, communicate using the most modern up-to-date technology man has ever known.

"But I can tell you firsthand from being huddled with dozens of soaking wet, scared human beings that we are all as much a creature of nature as any bird that tries to survive a cold winter’s night or takes cover in a pine tree to wait for a storm to pass."

The link is here.