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SNAPPING TURTLE: Laying eggs and more (video)


   Snapping turtles have been using my yard for years to lay their eggs.

   This past year, my wife ripped out the front  lawn and roto-tilled an area for a wild-flower garden, Img_1937_3 and the female snapping turtles think it's a great place to deposit eggs.

   So far, at least five female snapping turtles have trashed sections of the would-be garden to lay their eggs  by the dozen -- including one on Saturday morning and at least one Sunday.

   I know what you may be thinking -- just what we need, more snapping turtles at the Celery Farm. In fact, almost all these eggs will become omelets for raccoons.

   At the start of the video -- best played with the sound on -- the area is pristine. Then I cut to Mama Turtle and zoom in as she lays an egg. I show that again, and then a third time -- in slow motion.

   Think of those televised lottery drawings, with Ping-Pong balls shooting out.

   I also have footage of a weekend snapping turtle heading back to the Celery Farm.

   The video is 2 minutes long, and action-packed -- as far as turtle videos go.

  Don't be scared. Keep telling yourself: It's only a movie.

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