Mink Pix from the Celery Farm

1-February 27 2017 Celery Park Mink 5697
Ask and ye shall receive:

On the blog on Sunday,  I noted that  a mink had been seen  near the Warden's Watch on Saturday, and asked:  "If you do get some pix, please share so I can post them on the blog."

Sandee Faust answered the bell.  She sent along these two pix, and said she saw the mink as soon as she entered the preserve.  (Thanks, Sandee!)

1-February 27 2017 Celery Farm Mink

TNC Tuesday: Test Your H2O IQ

Delaware Bayshore

I did a cool little water quiz for The Nature Conservancy's New Jersey Blog. I offer a list of eight preserves and areas of interest in New Jersey that  share a common thread -- they are home to some of the state’s most valuable water resources.

Can you match the list with the photos below them.  The photo at the top of the quiz itself is the Delaware Water Gap, by Peter Miller.

You have to guess the rest, including the one above.

You  can take the NJ H2O IQ test here.

I will post the answers next week, so please don't put your answers in the comment section.

The Fell House: On the Road to Victory

Went to a talk last weekend by noted historian Robert Selig about the Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route in New Jersey -- a route that took many Continental Army troops and their allies p1-DSCN0173ast the Fell House and Hermitage.

The Fell House hopes to get a plaque commemorating its role as a witness house along the route.

The talk was at the historic Van Horne House in Bridgewater, pictured here.

Selig, project historian to the National Park Service for the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail Project, will be giving the talk again on May 18 for the Bergen County Historical Society.

Keep Your Eye Open for Mink

A mink was seen near the Warden's Watch on Saturday, and one was reported hit by a vehicle on Boroline Road by Route 17 recently, so keep your eyes open and your cameras ready. (And slow down if  you're on Boroline Road.)

If you do get some pix, please share so I can post them on the blog.  Thanks.


Monday Mystery Answered

IMG_2318In Monday I asked: What kind of tractor is this, where was it made, and approximately how old is it?

Peter Burger and Joanne Schlegel answered correctly.  "It's a Cletrac, by the Cleveland Tractor Co., Cleveland, Ohio."

I'm not sure about the date of manufacture, but lean toward the Twenties.

More on Cletrac tractors here.   (Congrats to Peter and Joanne.)

Info on Last Night's Speaker -- and the Next

Gabriel Willow of New York Audubon  was last night's speaker at the monthly Fyke meeting. You can follow him on Facebook here.

The next speaker is the legendary Kevin Watson ...

Falkland Islands and South Georgia:

Antarctic wildlife spectacular, by Kevin Watson

  They may be earth’s greatest but least-known wildlife destinations: the remote Falkland Islands and South Georgia are the breeding and nesting grounds for many of the bird and mammal species that inhabit the rich but stormy waters surrounding Antarctica.
   We’ll see glacial plains filled with countless thousands of King Penguins, majestic albatrosses gliding a few feet overhead, huge Elephant Seals battling on the beaches, and much more.
   Join photographer Kevin Watson for an unforgettable wildlife voyage to the other end of the earth!

March 24, 2017 - 8 PM Allendale Borough Hall


Cool Story on Our Warm Weather

Crocuses, one of the early harbingers of spring, in                         Crocuses, one of the early harbingers of spring, in bloom this month
                           in Teaneck. (Photo: Jim Norman/NorthJersey.com)

Environmental Writer Jim O'Neill wrote an informative article about our recent warm weather and its effect on plants and animals. It's in the Friday edition of The Record and online here.

Celery Farm Marsh Warden Mike Limatola is quoted.

An interesting read.


The Waldwick Train Tower

1-IMG_2925Every time I pick someone up at the Waldwick Train Station, I marvel at the beautiful restored station and tower.

Here are a couple of photos of the tower. 1-IMG_2928

Or enjoy Joyce Kilmer's poem about riding  "The Twelve-Forty-Five" to Suffern, with stops in Mahwah and Allendale and elsewhere along way.

Here's a sample:

Subtly and certainly I feel
That Glen Rock welcomes us to her
And silent Ridgewood seems to stir
And smile, because she knows the train
Has brought her children back again.
We carry people home—and so
God speeds us, wheresoe’er we go.
Hohokus, Waldwick, Allendale
Lift sleepy heads to give us hail.
In Ramsey, Mahwah, Suffern stand
Houses that wistfully demand
A father—son—some human thing
That this, the midnight train, may bring.

You can read the whole poem here.

You can learn more about the train station and tower here.

Birdy 30 Photo Gallery

1-Red-tailed Hawk B30 MG_4253We had lots of cool photos submitted for the Birdy 30 contest, including the one of a Red-tailed Hawk looking into a Hackensack window, taken by Arlene Romoff. 

My caption for the photo didn't make the newspaper, so I thought I'd share it here, for better or worse.

This Red-tailed Hawk apparently competed in a “Human 30” competition in Hackensack -- he looked in a window to see how many mammal species he could identify in 30 minutes.

The photos below are:

European Robin by Ned Mueller, Wild Turkey by Dave Kaplan, female Northern Cardinal by Susan McTigue, Blue Jay by Laraine Fergenson, Blue Tit by Ned Mueller, and Tufted Titmouse and male Northern Cardinal by Susan McTigue. 

An earlier post on the winners, including a link to the column online, is here:


A big thanks to all!

  • 1-European Robin B30
  • 1-Turkey B30 MG_6633(1)
  • 1-Female cardinal B30P1130218(1)
  • 1-Fergenson Bluejay_1666(1)
  • 1-Blue Tit  B30
  • 1-Titmouse and Cardinal. B30jpg
1-Titmouse and Cardinal. B30jpg


Announcing the 2017 Birdy 30 Winners!

The results of the fourth annual Birdy 30 are in -- The Record today.

This could have been the best yet in terms of participation and pix -- including some from as far away as Italy. (I thought all the photos were great, though I also especially love the photo of the Tufted Titmouse and Nothern Cardinal pictured above, by Susan McTigue and played big on the front.) 

Also featured was a photo by Ned Mueller, of a Blue Tit from Italy (below).

The link to the column and lots of photos is here.

A link to a photo gallery of Birdy 30 shots is here.

1-Blue Tit  B30