Monday Morning Mystery Answered

IMG_2315On Monday, I asked: What is this, and where is this?

The answer is a stacked pile of rocks just off  the start of Parnell's Path in the Celery Farm.

It is a cairn, as folks suggested  -- defined as "a heap of rocks piled up as  a memorial or landmark" by Merriam-Webster.

Congrats to all who I.D.'d this correctly.

High Mountain, by the way, is a cairn capital.  Will post some pix of several soon.


Shout-out to Wayne's Troop 104

The land at the base of Buttermilk Falls in High Mountain off Scioto Drive was looking a little scruffy -- overgrown with weeds, and branches and logs strewn everywhere. Not to mention the slight drainage problem.

Thanks to a phalanx of scouts from Troop 104 in Wayne, the area below the falls got an extreme makeover on Sunday -- including strengthening the rocks on the south side of the falls so that the water flows where it should, into a culvert, instead of onto the trail.

Thanks, Troop 104!  What terrific group of young men.  (And thanks to Troop 104's Richie Neurouter and the NYNJ Trail Conference's  Chris Connolly for setting this up.)


Wanted: Bald Eagle Recipe

One of the many highlights of Saturday's Bald Eagle event at Historic new Bridge Landing -- besides the terrific talks and nature browsing -- was this squadron of Bald Eagle mini cupcakes.

Does anyone have the recipe I could share on the blog?  Marie Longo of Bergen County Audubon, perhaps?

And yes, some real Bald Eagles made a cameo appearance --along with American Crows, a Belted Kingfisher, No. Cardinals, a few stellar Jays and more.

Below: New Bridge Landing and the incredible Steuben House from the British side on this grayish January Saturday.

Wednesday: My Celery Farm & Fell House Talk

I will  givea free talk about the Celery Farm Natural Area and nearby historic John Fell House in at the Bergen County Audubon Society on  Wednesday ( Jan. 18).

I'll discuss the history of the Celery Farm and the Fell House  – two subjects near and dear to my heart -- including the unsung John Fell’s heroic role in the Revolutionary War,  DSCN9276the house that bears his name, and the swamp that he owned – once called Fell's Meadows and better known today as the 107-acre Celery Farm.

A slide show featuring never-seen before  archival Fell photos and nature shots of the Celery Farm will illustrate my talk.

As a so-called bonus, I'll read aloud my ground-breaking story about the Wild Turduckens that have been reported on High Mountain.

There may also be a surprise inspection of the Crowphy trophy to make sure the BCAS is taking good care of the valuable statuette until its safe return to Fyke next winter.

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Eagle Event Is in River Edge Today (Saturday)

Eagle first day issueimg343
Just a reminder that the Bergen County Historical Society and Bergen Audubon are hosting a free eagle festival today from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Historic New Bridge Landing in River Edge.

I have written quite a bit about Bald Eagles in New Jersey in the past five years, including an article in New Jersey Monthly last January about the eagles' incredible comeback in the Garden State.  (The link is here.)

I also did free e-books on Bald Eagles for Duke Farms, here, and the Meadowlands Commission, here.

Duke Farms' streaming video of the Bald Eagle nest on a tree on that vast Hillsborough property is here. The nest should become active next month, though the two adults will be back from time to time to work on the nest in the meantime.

More information on today's event is here.