Sunday: High Mountain Hikes!

1-JW TNC High Mountain Clove
Not sure if these are a tradition quite
yet, but...
April 30, 2017 (Sunday) — High Mountain Hike
9 a.m. Clove Walk, 11 a.m. Summit Hike
            Join Fyke Nature Association on Sunday morning, April 30, for one or two free walks. First, at 9 a.m., we'll walk to historic Franklin Clove, a ravine with cool geology and history – Lenapes once wintered there.  The terrain is flat but rocky, so wear serious hiking boots. (That's the Clove in the lower left, above.)
            We'll then regroup and take a free rigorous hike to the summit of High Mountain – which offers historic views of New York City and the suburbs of North Jersey.  We'll look for birds, and pick up any trash we see along the way. Bring water and wear sturdy hiking shoes. For more information or to rsvp, e-mail

An Arresting John Fell Day

1-DSCN2248A big thank you to all the folks who participated in John Fell Day,  and  to all the wonderful volunteers who made everything go so smoothly on this sunny April Sunday.

Heard's Brigade reenacted the arrest of John Fell at his house -- now known as 240 years ago as the John Fell House -- twice. The brigade was great, but most in the audience were rooting for John Fell and his family.  (Thank you Heard's Brigade and all the terrific volunteers.

You can read more about Founding Father  John Fell here.

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Cool 'Bobcat Alley' Story in The Record

1-Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 3.51.46 PM
Environmental writer Jim O'Neill has a cool story on the front page of The Record today about Bobcat Alley -- a wildlife corridor that The Nature Conservancy and other groups are trying to create in the northwestern part of New Jersey.

As part of TNC, I have been out to the region several times and also photographed it from the air. It is an awesome place and definitely in need of saving.

The Record has some great bobcat shots and a video to go along with the story, here.

I thought I'd share (for the first time anywhere, I think) a trail cam shot of a bobcat taken along -- you guessed it -- Bobcat Alley, by Dennis Briede (above). Thanks, Dennis!

Below is one of the shots I took of Bobcat Alley  (Johnsonburg Swamp).


Look Out for the Celery Farm Mink

Barbara Dilger and I both happened upon a mink at the Spillway (by the Warden's Watch, near the parking lot) this morning around 8:40, and it did not seemed very concerned about us.

At one point it started heading in our direction and was on the Spillway bridge at one point. I took several photos before it moved away.  One of the photos is full frame with a 400mm lens, just to show you how close it got.

Nice looks at that white chin. I doubt they would go after a human but I would not linger if I saw this guy again.
1-IMG_2328-001      Full frame, with Spillway bridge in foreground ...